Mission, Vision, & Values


Our mission at Journey Church is . . .
Loving people where they are, showing them the love of Jesus Christ, and leading them to the new life Jesus freely offers.
How can we accomplish this task? (Matthew 22:37-40 and Matthew 28:19-20)
1. By reaching out to all humanity with the love of Jesus Christ.
2. By showing that through repentance (asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins) is a
    new beginning.
3.By providing encouragement and guidance in their new life with Jesus.  
   Our vision at Journey Church is . . .
to build a strong and united church family that ministers
to our local area as well as beyond its borders. We want to
be a church for all generations and cultural backgrounds.
We want to become like the hands and feet of God by
serving those around us. We want to strengthen and
restore relationships through a connection with God and
one another.
What We Believe:
Our 16 Fundamental Truths:
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